Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year from my family to yours!! This year will be BIG. Shows, shows and more shows, and a possible single for my EP!! It'll be one of the biggest years for me musically, so strap in and hold on!!


Updates and Upgrades!!!

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Hey everyone!! I am upgrading my Les Paul and Acoustic so that they'll be playable for many years to come. Stay tuned for a link to a video of the new looks and sounds!! I am also taking a break from the road to focus on forming a band and gearing my solo material to strictly studio work. Gonna have some great new original material in 2019!!



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It's been a while since I've been at it, but I'm back and more ready than ever!!! A bunch of new dates throughout the spring/summer, and album recording sessions as well. I'll be touring through RI, CT and MA these next few months, I hope to see you alll there!!



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"The Struggle" is coming out July 29!! 

Get YOUR copy on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, or stream it on Spotify, YouTube, or iHeart Radio for Free!!!

Thanks everyone!! Happy Listening!



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Check out my set at The Knickerbocker Cafe, which will be released on digital media September 2!!!

More info:

"Tour" tab above


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Hey everyone! The recording process has started! We've edited and resived a couple tracks, as well as removed a few and put some new ones on that were better. And here's a sneak peak: No good country/rock album is complete without an awesome ballad.....4 more songs to go and we'll be on to mixing/mastering and finalinzing!!!!



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The new dates are up and the tour is on! Production for the album will start in early 2016! Stay tuned....! -MC

New Cover and Other Productions Updates

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In regards to the tragic events in South Carolina, I will no longer be using the rebel flag in my music, or music production. I will now only use the American flag, as many artists are now doing the same because of not just this, but many events that have occured because of hateful feelings people have. I love southern heritage and culture, but ultimately I'm prouder to be an American moreso than anything. Along with the new album art, there are also a couple different songs on the CD now, even better than the two we've taken off. Tomorrow, June 30th, production officially starts rolling for "Back to My Routes" my first full-length LP. Lastly, with the summer right around the corner, I wilol be trying to add more open mic dates for the first leg venues (Putnam, Pomfret, and Chepachet.) Take Care!!



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A meeting will be held June 30th to start the production of "Back to My Routes" Mike Costa's first studio LP. In this meeting, various topics will be discussed such promotion, studio production, etc. There will be more information to come after the meeting. Stay tune!!

-Costa Crew